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Like all of us, I have different roles depending on the environment in which I move. As a Normad, I am a curious traveller. At the moment I live on the island of the centenarians, Ikaria. Here I work from my red bus. In it, I live with my red cat, Faros, who jumped on my shoulder at Sarajevo and has accompanied me ever since. I am also a Black Forest woman, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a spiritual person, a dilettante (in an absolutely positive sense!), a visionary, a herbalist, a learner, a lover and a happiness magnet. I embrace and love my roles as a coach and mediator because they allow me to use my skills, combine my interests and express myself professionally.


I am absolutely confident that we are all in the right place at the right time in this very confusing and perhaps not easy time of change. Even more, I am convinced that if we transform fears into trust and come more and more into our own power, we will strengthen ourselves, our environment as well as the collective field of freedom and love. In doing so, I always align myself with my clear mind, my intuition and my heart.


Each of us needs an individual form of expression. Our personal values, decisions and self-integrity form the foundation for this. Future- and solution-oriented, I support you, in digital coaching sessions from the comfort of your favorite place, in finding these and your very own, joyful and best solutions and ways.

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